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Trueman's Elementary Biology Pdf Free 11




pdf (as of July 2018) Volume 1: Chapters 1–6 (pages 1–40) Chapters 1Introduction 2The Morphology of Organs and Organ Systems 3Reservoirs of Macronutrients, Minerals, Water, and Energy: The Nutrients, Water, and Microorganisms of Foods 4Macronutrients and Minerals 5Lipids 6Vitamins and Oils 7Water, Humidity, and Heat 8Energy 9Cytology 10Innate Immunity 11The Immune System 12The Endocrine System 13The Reproductive System 14The Integument 15The Musculoskeletal System 16The Circulatory System 17The Excretory System 18The Nervous System 19The Sensory System 20The Respiratory System 21The Reproductive Systems 22Appendix: The MeSH term and keyword list used to collect the data from PubMed 23Outline 24Examples 25Glossary 1 The Nervous System The nervous system is composed of a nerve cord and the brain. The brain and nerve cord make up the central nervous system, which is the part of the nervous system that is closest to the heart. The peripheral nervous system consists of sensory and motor nerves and communicates with the brain through the spinal cord. This information is then processed by the brain. It is difficult to exactly define the boundaries of the nervous system. The fact that it is divided into different sections by its functional properties suggests that each is autonomous. 1.1 Cells and Organization of the Nervous System Sections of the Nervous System 1.1.1 Neurons A neuron is a specialized type of nerve cell. Neurons make up the central nervous system, and they are differentiated from the other types of nerve cells by the fact that they are able to transmit information through both chemical and electrical signals to other neurons. 1.1.2 Central Nervous System Nervous Impulse The brain produces a number of chemicals that make up the nerves in the central nervous system. These chemicals are called neurotransmitters and have specific functions within the brain. N





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Trueman's Elementary Biology Pdf Free 11

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