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Game Another Afternoon Msp Walkthrough broopear




In the installation files there is a folder named MMPR, in here you will find a folder called mods. To change to different fonts you can use Windows explorer, go into the MMPR folder, and then click on the folder called mods, double click on the folder called starfield. This will open up the font library. Just choose any font that you like, and then when the game loads it should read it in automatically. Cheers.Q: How to pass a parameter to iframe with JavaScript? How do I send a parameter to an iframe with JavaScript? I'm using iframes to open a website in my own website. Is there any way to pass some parameters to the iframe? My plan is to call the iframe and use document.location = "" but this will delete the url parameter in the main page. If there is another way to do this please provide an example. I have never used iframes before. I hope someone knows a solution. Thanks! EDIT: I have not yet found a solution. If someone could provide a suggestion that would be great! A: I suggest passing the parameter as a query string. You would need to use to get the current query string, and append your additional parameters to it. var parameters =; //remove the? parameters += "url="; = parameters; I would use in a way similar to this: function openIframe(id) { var iframe = document.getElementById(id); if (!iframe) return; var options = iframe.contentDocument.getElementsByTagName("IFRAME")[0]; if (!options) return; options.src = ""; //options.src = "" + url; }




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Game Another Afternoon Msp Walkthrough broopear

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