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Virtual Endurance Championship 8 hours of Spa-Francorchamps - The underdogs

Division 1 #83 - Best possible race, but with the wrong car

Qualified in 10th place (enough to donate a pc to Leonardo Pupo), Francesco Morante did a pretty good dash at the green flag, but after few laps the huge lack of top speed on the straight made our Ferrari lose some positions. We gained some time with the strategy and Davide Arduini managed to catch the top 10 again. The pace was good enough that Pupo gained another two places, but at the end of his double stint we lost a bunch of seconds due to tyre wear. In the last two hours, Alessandro Appolloni managed to keep the 8th position 'till the checkered flag.

Not an outstanding result for the #83, but honestly it could be much worse considering Spa is the toughest track for the Ferrari with this bop. Now focus on THE endurance race, Le Mans, hoping for a better balance between cars.


Division 1 #252 - Bad qualifying, another comeback race

The race of the #252 has been another time a comeback race but this time on the less suitable track for the Ferrari.

Marco Slanzi started from 21st after a difficult qualifying, left the car in 19th position to Filippo Caneo that continued the climb of the #252 until 17th, when at half race jumped in the car Lorenzo De Ciutiis with the same objective as the other drivers and with the points zone very close. Unluckily, because of a provider problem, Samuele Cavagnino couldn't race and take the car to the finish line.

The #252 again brought home a couple of points, now head to France for the most important race of the championship: the 24h of Le Mans!

#SempreSoloDGS #VECSpa