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Virtual Endurance Championship 24 hours of Le Mans - The Grand Finale & Farewell


Division 1 #83 - A smooth, yet magic last dance

Started 13th after a difficult qualifying, Francesco Morante pushed very hard at the start gaining place after place. Our comeback continued without rest during the dusk, with Alessandro Appolloni onboard, and during the night, with Davide Arduini and Leonardo Pupo. We bet everything on our strategy and at sunrise we managed to reach the top 5. The ride to the checkered flag continued without major problems as we crossed the finish line in 4th place. A great result, fruit of the constant commitment of our drivers, which marks the end of this long, difficult, but rewarding season.


Division 1 #252 - Qualifying good, race the opposite of good

After Filippo Caneo drove the car for the first two stints, starting from second position, the baton passed to Marco Slanzi, but unfortunately a loss of connection led the crew to lose a lap on the leading group. From that moment it was a comeback race, Samuele Cavagnino and Lorenzo De Ciutiis drove the car into the night, a very delicate phase, and after continuing to push the team managed to finish with an excellent 15th position.


We want to say huge thanks to our pit-wall man and series' team manager Daniele Vidimari, he closely followed both cars during the entire season helping us on strategies and setups, and to Luigi D'Aprea, altough he is not anymore in the team he played an important role in the development of the car in the first part of the season.

This was the last chapter of the championship and in the final standings we see the #83 crew in 8th position, 17th instead the #252 car. The team would like to give the best congratulations to all the people involved in the championship for such good obtained results, the best so far for the team in this championship.

Like everything sooner or later, also our adventure in this series has come to an end. This has been DriveGameSeat Racing Team's last apparition in the Virtual Endurance Championship. We spent three amazing seasons in this series and couldn't ask for more from it. We would like to thank all the drivers and other people that made the journey as beautiful as it has been.

Farewell, VEC!

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