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Virtual Endurance Championship 1000 miles of Sebring - Survivors

Division 1 #83 - Luck in bad luck

Pretty good race for the #83 car, qualified in 11th place by Davide Arduini with a not excellent time.

Smooth start at the green flag, but we had to clear two drive-through penalties from the previous round. After clearing them, Arduini climbed back up the GTE ranking and, after 2 stints, left the seat to Alessandro Appolloni. He strongly continued the comeback and after another two stints Arduini jumped onboard again. After his turn, it was Leonardo Pupo's one. All was running smoothly, when a LMP2 car rejoined the track in unsafe way and collided with our Ferrari, which got quite serious damage. Pupo managed to continue without repairing the car and even regained a position lost due to the accident, thus crossing the finish line in 8th position.

Even if we had a bit of bad luck, we are happy with the result.


Division 1 #252 - Still here

Not the race the car #252 wanted, qualified in 20th place with Filippo Caneo.

After the green flag the team had to fight with other cars to reach the front rows, but too many contacts at the start cost lot of time on track and on pit stall, and penalties after the race. After being overlapped by leading cars the team showed great effort with Marco Slanzi and Lorenzo De Ciutiis fighting to remain in Division 1 and avoid relegation.

Now that we've reached the top division we want to stay! Head to Japan.

#SempreSoloDGS #VECSebring