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Enosia Gaming F1 Race 4 Spain - Connection Problem

After the first victory in Monza, we would expect a positive trend from our driver Simone Casciaro, but this time didn't happen.

Heavy rain came in qualyfing, with all the drivers setting their times with Full-Wet tyres. Simone is been able to start in 4th row, P8, unfortunately the second row was possible but a little mistake in S3 threw it away.

The race was dry instead, so every driver had free choice on the tyres for the start of the race. Simone chose Mediums, like everybody else, but he had no pace compared to the top 5, so he fought for the top 6 and he went for a 2-stops strategy, whereas other drivers for a single pit. The real problem came when Simone lost his connection and his race was definitevely ruined. He rejoined in P13. Thankfully, the first and only SC of this race came out in help. Thanks to that, our driver reached again Top 8, finishing there his race.

Not a lucky one, but we're still in 5th position in the drivers' championship, now head down to the most difficult race: Monaco!

#SempreSoloDGS #DGSconsole

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