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The Real Racing Experience at Home


Drive Game Seat, based in Verona / Italy, was founded in 2016 by Cristian Molinarelli, who turned his hobby into a profession. As an active player in PC and Ps4 driving games, he recognized the decisive role that sim cockpit would have in performance, reality and fun.

Our brand is today a high-end leader for consoles and PCs.

Our products are developed and manufactured in Italy and sold at European level by our online store.

Our self-imposed goal is to develop the best sim racing cockpit in all product segments and for each type of simulator.

Our focus is on quality and design so that every Drive Game Seat product is subjected to multilevel quality assurance processes, in order to be able to offer top-level gaming performance. Innovation combined with an extreme quality standard inevitably leads to better gaming performance and an increase in realism.

Drive Game Seat, the sim racing made in Italy.



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